Who Cares


Nicole                                                 Lizzie Mounter

Jess                                                     Jess Temple 

Connor.                                              Luke Grant 

Creatives & Production Team

Production Manager                          Andraes Ayling

Producer                                            Ellie Claughton

Sound Designer                                 Owen Crouch

Company Stage Manager                   Matthew Gardner

Designer                                            Jen McGinley 

Campaign Manager                           Adam Mcguigan

Dramaturg                                         Helen Monks  

Lighting Designer                              Will Monks

Speech & Dialect coach                   Gary Owston 

Technical Stage Manager                  Stacey Sanford

Writer & Director                              Matt Woodhead 

'The Alarm Rings. I take a breath. Then is starts'

Sitting at the back of the bus, skipping the lunch queue and skiving lessons. At school Nicole, Jade and Connor are just like everybody else. But when they get home, things are very different. 


Nicole started caring for her mum when she was four. Every morning Nicole helps her get washed, put on clothes and eat breakfast. Jade has always cared for her brother, but she never expected to look after dad as well - now she juggles two lots of appointments, two lots of prescriptions, two lots of assessment forms. Connor cares for his mum. But he doesn’t like to talk about it. 

Adapted from real-life testimonies, this bold and pertinent piece of documentary theatre examines our failing care system, the impact of austerity and what happens when a child becomes the parent.

Made in partnership with The Lowry & Greater Manchester Charity, Gaddum and its Salford Carers Service. With funding by Arts Council England and the Oglesby Charitable Trust.

Sit Up Award for Social Impact

Mervyn Stutter Spirit of the Fringe Award

Summerhall Lustrum Award Winners


“Tear jerking… emotionally raw

and theatrically slick” 


The Guardian

Get Involved - What Can You Do?

Get Involved



The ‘Who Cares’ play has been recorded with two accompanying education resources.

You can host this in your school, young carers centre or youth zone.

If you would like more information, get in touch - info@lungtheatre.co.uk



Alongside the play we are running the Who Cares Campaign, calling for better rights for young carers.

Campaigning to change laws and policies for young carers is at the heart of the Who Cares Campaign.



There’s lots of ways you can get involved (either remotely through social media or running campaigns locally or meeting with local decision makers).


For more information, get in touch - info@lungtheatre.co.uk


Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is spread the word.


Tweet us or follow us on Facebook and help us raise awareness.






You can save a life by identifying a young carer.

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Working With Young Carers:

I was an isolated young carer. Being involved in a play stopped me killing myself

Open Democracy Feature on Who Cares

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