Trojan Horse

'Why Should I continue to be tolerant, when the world has been so intolerant of me?'

A local story which sparked the British media, Trojan Horsefollows the shocking real-life stories of Muslim teachers and Governors who were accused of plotting extremism in a number of East Birmingham schools in 2014.

With the community torn to pieces by racial diversion and “British values” being questioned in a national conspiracy scandal; this hard-hitting play has been adapted from over 200 hours of interviews with 90 witnesses including pupils and parents.

Exploring the real-life testimonies of those at the heart of the UK Government’s investigation, the action focuses on five stories and reveals the devastating impact had on those involved and the city in which they lived whilst also investigating the role Westminster played.

Alongside the play we are working with the accused teachers, governors and pupils to run The Trojan Horse Campaign.