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Here at LUNG, we are coming to the end of our YC Takeover month on our socials! I am so excited to be writing this blog around our Young Carer Creative Makers group that have been meeting since September 2020. My name is Gitika Buttoo and I am a theatre director. For the last 12 weeks I have had the honour of working with some of the most talented young carers from across the UK. They have been so inspiring to work alongside and their passion and talent for creativity has left me in absolute awe and fed into my practice as a maker.

Young Carer Creative Makers is a project designed and curated to bring together young carers from four parts of the UK; Salford, Ellesemere Port, Kent & North Wales. LUNG along with theatres and local young carer services have teamed up to run a bespoke 20-week project specifically for young carers.

Phase 1 of the project lasted 10 weeks and 4 ambassadors from each area met with me weekly to develop their artistic skills and leaderships skills. We explored different forms of storytelling including poetry, film, photography and drawing. At the end of phase 1, all the amazing and talented ambassadors came together on the 20th January for a big celebration where we shared our work, drank hot chocolate together and wrote letters to our future selves!

Finlay, 13, from Salford wrote an original monologue. India, 15, from North Wales created some stunning pieces of artwork and Jack, 16, from Kent took us on a magical journey with his dogs through his spectacular photography skills. These are just a few of the amazing young people who shared their work . . . you can find links to more of their work here in over the next few months on LUNG’s social media! Follow us on twitter @LUNGTheatre to keep updated.

Phase 2 of the project has just started, and we welcome 10 new carers from each area into the space for the next 6 weeks. In this phase, our ambassadors will take it in turns each week to deliver a game/ lead part of the session with me. Robyn from Kent and Elorm from Salford delivered the most exciting activities in last week’s session and did such a great job of leading the zoom room!

It’s such a joy for me to watch these young people grow as artists and leaders. They are all so brilliant and inspiring and I cannot wait to see what artwork will be made in the weeks leading up to National Young Carers Action day on Wednesday 16th March!

Watch this space – click here for more information around NYCAD!

Gitika Buttoo, Engagement Manager / Associate Director, LUNG.

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