The Roaring 20s!

We can’t believe we are halfway through phase 1 of our Roaring 20s programme in partnership with Harrow Arts Centre!

LUNG and HAC started the Roaring 20s programme as we recognised that the pandemic has significantly impacted the arts sector. As arts venues across the UK close their doors, young artists have not had the opportunity to develop their craft and forge a career in the arts. Because of that we saw an opportunity to train, mentor and support local artists aged 18-25 in Harrow and North London.

We had an incredible time recruiting 11 participants as part of the Roaring 20s programme. I was honoured to be allowed to sit in on the conversations about what inspired our young artist and what their aspirations and art looks like. It made myself and the panel feel hopeful for the future of the London arts community. We feel so lucky to be working with a diverse group of aspiring artists consisting of dancers, directors, actors, writers, musicians and music producers.

From conversations with our young people we found that there still is a feeling of inaccessibility within the arts community and specifically a lack of opportunities and knowledge for young people. And when there are programmes available they come with a financial commitment. This is a gap that LUNG - through development - of our Roaring 20s programme is attempting to fill.

So far we have been delivering online Zoom Masterclasses on a Friday evening. These workshops have touched on verbatim theatre, devising, movement and writing, producing and sound/music design. We have had the opportunity to work with incredible artists such as the LUNG team Matt Woodheaad, Helen Monks, Ellie Claughton and Gitika Buttoo as well as Yami Löfvenberg, Nicola Chang, Katie Greenall and Sascha Gilmour.

As we hit half term we are beginning to look towards the next phase. Our young artist will begin to prepare for a scratch night performance hosted at Harrow Arts Centre. This exciting evening will be a showcase of our young artists talents and things they’ve learnt throughout the project.

It has been truly exciting to facilitate this time and space for these young artists to creatively learn and develop, especially now. We cannot wait to see what they prepare for their scratch night and what the future holds for their creative practice. So keep an eye out on LUNG channels to stay in the loop!

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