My Placement with LUNG!

It has been nearly two months since I started my placement with LUNG, and what an

enjoyable experience it has been!

I’m currently studying on the MA Creative Producing course at Mountview and have been

working for the team as a producing intern. I got extremely lucky with where my placement

fell dates-wise, as my first day with LUNG was in Oxford at the North Wall Theatre for the

first stop of the 2021 Who Cares Tour! (A pretty cool first day if you ask me…)

Since then, I’ve been joining the team at various spots on tour, but mainly working behind

the scenes with Ellie and Camille ensuring these important stories get heard by as many

people as possible.

I come from a performance background, with my undergraduate degree being in Acting, so

coming into the production side of the arts was a big change, and I’m super eager to learn

all that I can. The whole team at LUNG really took this on board and set up chances for me

to shadow the wonderful Tracey-Anne, Company Stage Manager, sit in on tech rehearsals,

have 1:1 sessions on specific areas of producing I wanted to focus more on, and much much


I’ve loved hearing from Matt and Helen about how LUNG became the company it is today,

and even though I only have a month left on my placement, I look forward to seeing how

LUNG continues to grow in the years to come.

A very blurry photo of a company trip to Zizzi. Photo credit, or discredit, goes to Matt Woodhead.

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