Introducing LUNG's 2022 Interns

Hi! My name is Ruby and I, alongside Hannah, am an intern at LUNG over the summer. We are interning as part of the University of Sheffield’s Transforming and Activating places scheme, an Arts and Humanities led student knowledge exchange Project giving its participants a chance to make a positive impact on communities and places.

TAP gives students and partners the chance to hear from guest speakers, academics and other university staff, as well as some of the partners and students from last year, to see a variety of perspectives and approaches to placemaking. Student knowledge exchange in this project means the organisations and students both learn from each other in a mutually beneficial way.

LUNG also partnered with TAP last year, and they enjoy such a partnership because Placemaking has always been at the heart of theatre and the communities it serves. LUNG’s projects focus on engagement with theatre, exploring how participants can maintain long-term relationships with their local theatres and services and build long lasting connections within their community.

Here’s a little bit about us and what we’ll be doing with LUNG:

To find out more details about LUNG’s previous projects, stay tuned on this blog and the socials media handles below to hear about their most influential work and what we’ve got coming up!

Ruby Chandler

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