Jonathan Coote

Souad Faress 

Sanchia McCormack

Gary Pillai 

Raad Rawi

Thomas Wheatley

Creative / Production Team:

Sound designer 

Set / costume designer


Assistant Producer   

Video and Lighting Designer



'On Thursday the bombing started. The siren sounded and I knew. Yeah, that's war.' 

Owen Crouch

James Donnelly

Sarah Georgeson

Chris Holmes

Will Monks

Richard Norton-Taylor & Matt Woodhead

Matt Woodhead

On 20 March 2003, Tony Blair declared that Britain was at war. A nation collapsed, tens of thousands were killed and Islamic State was born. Tasked with exploring Britain’s role in the Iraq War, the evidence presented to the Chilcot Inquiry was devastating and stark.


Drawing together testimonies from leading political players with the forgotten voices of veterans, families who lost relatives and Iraqi refugees, this pertinent and bold piece of documentary theatre investigates the biggest foreign policy disaster in modern times and the accountability of those who have power over us.

Edited and compiled by Matt Woodhead & Richard Norton-Taylor (Award-winning Guardian journalist and playwright).

Commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre and The Lowry. Developed with the Support of the National Theatre Studio.

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Image - Joe Twigg

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“a sobering insight into the mistakes of our past,

and it’s lessons for the future"


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The Guardian

'A kind of tragedy': why we turned the Chilcot Iraq inquiry into a play.

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